November 27, 2014    
English Edition, No. 4

Neo-Liberal Restructuring of the State
Progress Will Only be Made Through Political Arrangements that Recognize
the People's Right to Decide
- Forum ouvrier
Couillard Government's Bill 15 Gives Treasury Board Full Powers over
Public Sector Staffing Levels

Privatization of Health Care and Social Services
Pay-the-Rich Schemes Put People at Risk of Not Receiving Services and Treatments

Protests Against Couillard Governement's Austerity Agenda
Municipal Workers' Day of Action Defends Pensions and the Rights of All

November 14, 2014    
English Edition, No. 3

Nationwide Demonstrations in Defence of Family Services
"No to the Liberal Government's Anti-Family, Anti-Social Measures"
50,000 Protesters Say

Public Sector Negotiations
Workers' Demands Confront Couillard's Austerity Dictate - Geneviève Royer

Quebec Government's Attack on Health Care
"Cultural Change" Must Begin with a Guarantee of Citizens' Rights
- Christine Dandenault
About Bill 10, an Act to Modify the Organization and Governance of the Health and Social Services Network, in Particular by Abolishing the Regional Agencies
"Health Care Reform" Bill Has Nothing to Do with Improving Patient Services
- Interview, Micheline Barriault, President, Union of Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Inhalotherapists of Eastern Quebec (SIIIEQ) 

November 6, 2014    
English Edition, No. 2

Opposition in Quebec to TransCanada Energy East Pipeline Project
Demonstration in Cacouna Demands Repeal of Drilling Licenses and
Says No to TransCanada Pipeline and Port!

Interview with Spokesperson of No to Oil Spills in the St. Lawrence
People of Sorel-Tracy Mobilize to Protect Mother Earth - Normand Chouinard
Harper Says Ottawa and Quebec Ready to Table Bills to Allow
Oil and Gas Production in Gulf of St. Lawrence

Statement by Coalition Saint-Laurent
Statement by Save Our Seas and Shores 
Canada's Dismal Record on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

October 20, 2014    
English Edition, No. 1

Premier Couillard's  Aim to Sign the Constitution
If the National Question Is Finished, Why Are Couillard & Co.
Protesting So Much?
- Amélie Lanier
Hollow Declarations Will Not Extinguish Quebeckers' Striving
for a Modern Constitution
- Louis Lang

Harper's Reference to George-Étienne Cartier
Couillard and Harper Do Not Want Canada and Quebec
Defined on a Modern Basis
- Geneviève Royer

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