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For a Sovereign Quebec Which Defends the Rights of All!

- Program of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec -

For a New Direction for the Economy

A new direction for the economy must:

♦ Reverse the current neo-liberal direction of the economy in which all natural and human resources are oriented to respond to the needs of monopolies;

♦ Take a pro-social direction so that resources serve the well-being and flourishing of the people under the responsibility of a public authority, not in the service of private interests which usurp public authority to enrich themselves;

♦ Stop paying the rich and end secret deals with monopolies;

♦ Increase investment in social programs -- education and health care must be free and under public control to meet the needs of the people;

♦ Ensure the well-being of the elderly and guarantee security and dignity in retirement;

♦ Ensure development in all regions so that the people who live there are able to guarantee their future;

♦ Ensure that the development of natural resources contributes to the national wealth, not just the needs of monopolies.

For the Renewal of the Political Process

The PMLQ considers that the best program is one that politicizes the people, encourages individuals and groups to express their views on all issues and assists them to build their organizations, to mobilize as a social and political force those who refuse to be divided according to political parties or interests that are not their own.

The renewal of the political process must ensure a government that represents the people directly. This includes reform of the electoral law and how the process is funded:

♦ Guaranteeing the right to an informed vote, the right to elect and be elected, the right to initiate legislation, and the right to recall elected representatives;

♦ Using public funds to finance the electoral process and not political parties.

For a Modern Constitution

A new constitution must:

♦ Vest sovereignty in the people;

♦ Enshrine the rights of all citizens regardless of national origin, language, religion, race, gender, ability or wealth; enshrine the ancestral rights of First Nations and minority rights, particularly equality for all languages and all cultures. This is also a condition for the development of the French language, which would be the official language in the workplace, government and the courts;

♦ Guarantee the rights that belong to all by virtue of their being human. The constitution must hold the society and governments responsible for providing the highest possible quality of life at all levels under the conditions achieved. It must guarantee the recognition of the demands that everyone is entitled to make on the society because they are human, as well as the demands of their collectives, as in the case of women, youth, workers and the many other collectives of society;

♦ Establish relationships with other countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit and the recognition that all countries, big and small, have the right to sovereignty and freedom from interference in their internal affairs;

♦ Refuse any participation in economic and military blocs established to serve the aggressive agendas of foreign powers;

♦ Oppose the use of force in the resolution of conflicts and demand compliance with the principles on which the United Nations was founded.

For an Independent and Sovereign State of Quebec

♦ Nation-building belongs to Quebeckers regardless of national origin, age, ability, language or religion.

♦ If Quebec decides to declare an independent state, it is within its right to do so. It is a nation and has the right to self-determination.

♦ An independent state must enshrine the rights of citizens on an equal basis.

♦ In the struggle to establish Quebec's identity, all Quebeckers, including national minorities, will create the new Quebec nation.

♦ The state will oppose any criminalization of collectives.

Commissions on the Future of Quebec

The economic, social, political and cultural organization of a modern Quebec must guarantee the rights of all.

To do this the PMLQ calls on the workers, youth, students and all others to form their own commissions on the future of Quebec to provide the means to calmly shape their own vision of Quebec, which recognizes as the starting point the demands that they are entitled to claim as collectives and as individuals who depend on the society for their well-being.

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